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Kraken Rum launches sea shanty competition for Valentine’s Day

Fans of Kraken Rum are invited to submit their own verse of a sea shanty to win a limited-edition vinyl of the shanty sung by Justin from The Vaccines, exclusive black tentacle candle and Serenading Sirens cocktail created for Valentine’s Day.

Taking inspiration from its fellow sea creature and mythical legend The Siren, known for luring sailors towards rocky shores through their hypnotic singing, Kraken Rum’s The Beast has formed its own musical outfit The Serenading Sirens featuring The Vaccines frontman Justin Young.

Giving a one-off performance to over 100 cocktails last week, the singer performed a haunting new rendition of My Jolly Sailor, recounting the story of a young maiden waiting for her love to return from the sea.

Kraken Rum will bottle up the serenaded cocktail, producing a gift set for 15 lucky social media followers in Ireland including a limited-edition Serenading Siren vinyl featuring a tempestuous string quartet cover of My Jolly Sailor on the A side, and a rambunctious heavy metal-thrash version on the flip side.

Other items within the Valentine’s Day packs include an exclusive black tentacle candle.

To be in with a chance as one of the lucky 15 to receive The Kraken’s Serenading Siren Kit, would-be romantics need only to contribute their own verse to My Jolly Sailor. Once happy with their effort, simply submit the entry directly to The Beast, via his digital lair on the Kraken Rum Ireland social channels.

“Doomed love is the muse behind almost every song I’ve ever written,” said Justin Young. “Forget the bouquets or borrowed clichés, listeners of My Jolly Sailor can expect to hear the harrowing, tragic demise of traditional Valentine’s Day romance. Plug in your headphones and enjoy (or not) the beautiful sadness of unrequited love.”

The Serenading Siren competition runs from Tuesday, February 2– Monday, February 8, with winners announced on Wednesday, February 10, and lucky romantics receiving their Serenading Siren Kits in time for Valentine’s Day.

To watch the full My Jolly Sailor video, follow @KrakenRumIRL on social media.

Lyrics to ‘The Jolly Sailor

Upon one wailing winter, I carefully did stray

Down by the cold grey ocean, where I met a sailor gay

Conversing with a weeping lass, who seemed to be in pain

Saying William, when you go, I fear The Beast, you will be slain.

My mind is pierced by tentacles

I disdain all glittering gold

There is nothing can console me

The Kraken’s heart is cold!



50ml Kraken Rum

A vicious twist of lime

90ml Pineapple Juice

5ml of Grenadine

2 hours of romantic verse to marinate



Add Kraken Rum, lime, pineapple juice and grenadine to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake.

Pour into a tall glass and marinade for two hours in romantic verse.

Serve with fresh ice and enjoy!

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