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Proposals for reopening wet pubs presented to Executive

Colin Neill, chief executive, Hospitality Ulster.

Proposals outlining measures to enable the safe reopening of traditional ‘wet’ non-food pubs, post-lockdown, have been presented to the Northern Ireland Executive by Hospitality Ulster.

Wet pubs must reopen or receive financial assistance from the Executive to ensure the sector’s survival, the industry body has warned, while expressing confidence in the measures it proposes for a safe reopening of traditional pubs closed since March.

Speaking after a meeting with Executive Office Junior Ministers Declan Kearney and Gordon Lyons, Hospitality Ulster Chief Executive Colin Neill said:

“We have put forward what we believe are enforceable measures to ensure the protection of public health and staff in the sector and believe progress can be made to reopen our traditional non-food pubs.

“This is about ensuring we provide a Covid secure environment for everyone, whilst providing a consumer offering that will attract people back to all our pubs, restaurants and hotels and save the thousands of jobs and businesses in our industry that depend on them.

“Our traditional non-food pubs must now be allowed to reopen and be given the chance to prove they can comply with the regulations like any other hospitality business.

“This has been a long and hard road and the Executive must not delay one day more than is necessary to implement the new regulations as every day is costing jobs and livelihoods.”

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