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AA Hospitality Services waves 2020 accreditation fees

In an effort to support hotels, restaurants and guesthouses across Ireland struggling with a loss of business, AA Hospitality Services has announced that it will wave the accreditation fees for all current properties for 2020. The news comes as the hospitality sector emerges as one of the industries hardest hit by the Covid-19 outbreak.

AA Ireland’s inspection team reached out to their accredited properties recently to advise of the decision to waive all fees for the year ahead. However, the AA has committed to carrying out property inspections as normal once the restrictions introduced to fight the outbreak are lifted and properties have re-opened, in order to aid the sector in recovering lost business.

“Our colleagues in the hospitality industry were the first to adapt to changes that have serious implications on their business, which will have serious repercussions well into the future,” said Conor Faughnan, AA director of Consumer Affairs.

“Hotels across Ireland, like many other businesses, have had to close and see significant losses in income during what would have traditionally been the start of the tourism season. Many of those affected will still have to pay suppliers and may be trying to assist staff, and these challenges made the decision for the AA to waive accreditation fees for the year ahead an easy one.”

In addition to a plan to carry out inspections when possible, the AA is also planning to assist the industry with a range of new short training courses available aimed at returning staff to help them engage with guests in terms of hospitality, one of our greatest assets.

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