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United Wines offers tips on responsible drinking during Covid-19

There is no doubting that many of us love that Friday feeling and satisfaction of popping open our preferred Pinot Grigio or exciting new craft beer when the working week is over and it’s time to relax.

At present though, as we all come together to do what we can to ‘flatten the curve’ of coronavirus (Covid-19) there is a feeling of one day rolling into the other and a loss of the weekend feeling.

While we might spend time working out in our home gym or getting to grips with a DIY project we’ve been putting off, we will, more likely than not, spend more time just hanging out. And while we are kicking back more and relaxing, there’s temptation to pop a cork or pour a beer more often.

So how do we go about managing our days, keeping fit and healthy and making the most of our down time when we do relax?

Here are a few easy actions that you can put in place to keep you and everyone else in the home happy:
• As much as your ordinary working week is out of sync at the moment, try to keep to your usual healthy routine in terms of what you eat and drink
• If you are working remotely, keep to your usual work routine as much as possible: get up and get dressed, set up a work station for yourself away from your relaxation area if possible; stick to work times and take breaks and lunch away from your work station
• Stay active at home and keep the family happy by playing games and quizzes keep everyone entertained and keep the peace!
• Make sure you get the recommended one hour of daily exercise to keep our mind and body healthy
• Set a drinking goal and dedicate alcohol-free days whilst adhering to the recommended intake of 14 units a week
• Embrace the wide range of alcohol-free alternatives out there when relaxing

There are lots of alcohol-free options that are just as delicious and enticing as your regular alcoholic drink. Here are just a few:
Heineken 0.0 brings a truly incredible beer taste to the non-alcohol space. The alcohol-free version of Heineken’s flagship beer, distributed by United Wines in Northern Ireland, is a beautifully brewed beer in its own right, delivering great refreshment at just 69 calories. With tastes of tropical fruit notes and a hint of satsuma, the sweet and fresh light alcohol-free alternative opens up a world of opportunity to sip over whilst enjoying the company of family in the relaxation of your front room.

Calling all wine connoisseurs, sit down and enjoy a premium ZERO McGuigan Wine without noticing the absence of alcohol. The four-time international winemaker of the year announced the launch of ZERO, an innovative and exciting new range of premium alcohol-free wines earlier this year. With a wide range of core alcohol-free varietals, there is an option for every wine drinkers’ tastes including Sparkling, Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Shiraz. Maintaining the strong varietal characteristics without artificial sweeteners or additives, you can continue to enjoy the infamous McGuigan Wine just the way you like it.

For those in favour of the occasional cold cider, Old Mout alcohol-free Berries & Cherries is the answer. Served ice-cold the burst of fruits of the forest will get you excited for the return of summer.

Lastly, popular Italian brand Birra Moretti has a solid alcohol-free option, Birra Moretti Zero. This carefully brewed lager with all the attributes of its original stable mate, is great paired with easy and informal Mediterranean cuisine recipes, such as stuffed focaccias, quiches, chicken salads, omelettes.

There you have it. There are plenty of options for those wanting to ensure they don’t overindulge at this time and who want to maintain that great Friday feeling.

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