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McGuigan Wines launches premium alcohol-free ‘ZERO’ Range

McGuigan Wines launches premium alcohol-free ‘ZERO’ Range

McGuigan Wines launches premium alcohol-free ‘ZERO’ Range

McGuigan Wines, four-time international winemaker of the year, is announcing the launch of ‘ZERO’, an innovative and exciting new range of premium alcohol-free wines.

McGuigan is the first major wine brand to launch a wide range of core alcohol-free varietals with a premium zero option for every wine drinkers’ tastes including Sparkling, Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Shiraz.

Nina Doyle, Marketing Manager at United Wines, the distributor of McGuigan Wines in Northern Ireland, welcomes McGuigan ZERO saying, “With wellness and self-care very much to the fore in 2020, this is a much-welcomed change for diners who often choose an alcohol-free option with their meal and for the designated drivers of the group. Now consumers can enjoy a wonderful food and wine experience without the consumption of alcohol.”

Using its expertise and state of the art spinning cone technology available to retain the wines freshness and purity of flavour, McGuigan has confidently delivered high quality de-alcoholised wines to Northern Irish consumers who actively avoid alcohol due to health and well-being reasons.

Julian Dyer, COO at McGuigan Wines said, “At McGuigan we are truly dedicated to producing and delivering high quality wines for all of our consumers, and that extends to those with a preference for low-alcohol and alcohol-free varieties. We are absolutely delighted to be offering an incredible collection of alcohol-free wines with our new ZERO range to the Northern Irish consumer market.”

Adding, “We are responding to the market here and recognise there has been a decline in the number of consumers choosing to drink alcohol, especially as the well-being trend grows.  McGuigan has been experimenting with our wine making and we are we are confident it will be a huge success.”

Created to maintain strong varietal characteristics, the McGuigan ZERO range also contains no artificial sweeteners or additives. The brand uses the latest spinning cone technology, working at low temperatures to gently remove alcohol after the fermentation process, ensuring the wines maintain their delicate fruit flavours.

McGuigan ZERO will be available from March in all good independent retailers and selected supermarkets.

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