Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo. Great taste, no compromise.


Veganism is a big and growing business out of home. Whether strict or flexitarian, the rise in Irish consumers looking to reduce their meat intake and adopt vegetarian or vegan lifestyles is unstoppable. 8% of Irish consumers follow a meat-free diet* and the number of vegetarians has risen 10% in the last 5 years alone*. This paints a very clear picture that this is not a fad but a cultural change in eating behaviours that anyone in the business of serving food should embrace in order to be successful. Hellmann’s have listened.

We don’t believe that anyone should have to miss out or compromise on the pleasure of mayonnaise for any reason, dietary or lifestyle. Which is why we are so incredibly proud to bring to the foodservice market in a 2.6L bucket format, our award-winning Hellmann’s Vegan Mayonnaise. With all the real taste you would come to expect from Hellmann’s, this vegan mayo is also gluten free, meaning no one has to miss out on another chip dipping, sandwich filling, burger topping mayonnaise experience again!

By offering up and adding appeal to plant-based, meat-free or vegan dishes on your menu, the win goes beyond the vegan consumer’s euro in your till; you are playing your part to encourage eating out behaviours that promote a more sustainable food future. Did you know that over the last two decades approximately 20% of the earth’s vegetated surface has become less productive**, putting our global food supply under threat. Everything is about balance but small changes to the ingredients and resources we use really will make a big difference to the future of the industry’s food supply and to the planet. At Hellmann’s and Unilever Food Solutions we’re determined to work with chefs to serve the world better.

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* Dietary Lifestyles Report, Bord Bia Nov 2018
**Food and Agriculture Organisation 2019

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