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Tourism NI launches Glass of Thrones Trail guide

Game of Thrones Direwolves Thor (Greywind) and Odin (Summer) are pictured with owner William Mulhall of Direwolf Tours; Flip Robinson of Giant Tours Ireland, who was a stand-in for Hodor and The Mountain on the show; and Judith Webb from Tourism NI.

Fans of the world’s biggest TV show have been given yet another new way to explore the true Home of Thrones, with the launch of a new visitor guide spotlighting the Glass of Thrones Trail in Belfast.

To coincide with each episode in the final season of Game of Thrones, which aired in April and May of this year, a series of imposing stained-glass windows was unveiled at key locations around central Belfast. The 1.8-mile-long trail leads from City Hall to the banks of the River Lagan and all the way to Titanic Studios where much of the hit show was filmed.

Tourism NI’s colourful new guide includes a map spotlighting each of the six beautifully crafted, freestanding stained-glass windows in a style similar to the distinctive opening credits of Game of Thrones, complete with compass points displaying the lion, dragon, direwolf and stag sigils.

Images of each window are accompanied by text outlining the stories associated with each image.  The guide also tells the story behind the painstaking, meticulous creation of the windows themselves, by a team of local artists.

“The windows have been in place for a few months now and have become a firm hit with visitors to Belfast and residents, providing unique opportunities for photos and selfies at some of the city’s most enduring landmarks,” said Judith Webb, Tourism NI’s screen tourism specialist.

“We’re delighted that so many visitors have been coming along to see our very own version of ‘dragonglass’ – it might not be much use against the Night King but it is truly impressive. We hope that this new guide will add to the richness of their experience – it brings to life the story of Northern Ireland’s unique relationship with the show and encourages visitors to explore the city in yet another exciting way.”

Elio Garcia, who co-wrote The World of Ice and Fire with George RR Martin and is the co-founder of the fansite, recently completed the Glass of Thrones Trail during a visit to Belfast.

“There’s no other place in the world so intimately and richly connected to Game of Thrones than Belfast,” he said.

“I’ve visited a number of Game of Thrones exhibitions, shooting locations, and special events over the years, but the Glass of Thrones Trail is something truly unique and worth visiting for anyone who has the pleasure of being in Belfast.”

The windows depict the most popular, dramatic and talked-about scenes in the entire Game of Thrones saga – moments that inspired millions of morning-after ‘water cooler conversations’ and sparked fevered debate amongst fans about what twist might come next.

Relive the tragedy and horror of the Red Wedding, the bone crunching trial by combat between The Mountain and the Viper, or the sheer spectacle of The Wall finally crumbling under the onslaught of the army of the dead.

The new Glass of Thrones visitor guide is available from Visit Belfast and visitor information centres across Northern Ireland.

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