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Guestline announces new partnership with Right Revenue

Clever data integration and analysis to save revenue managers 2 hours a day in manual reporting and forecasting

Silverbirch Hotel, a client of the integration of Guestline and Right Revenue

As a PMS captures and houses data related to everything from occupancy rates, ADR and booking pace to lengths of stay, booking channels and guest segments, advanced revenue management solutions can analyse increasingly large volumes of data, faster than ever before. Therefore, a clever integration between the global leader in hotel cloud property management, Guestline and leading revenue analytics company Right Revenue is set to revolutionise operations and drive revenues at hotels across Ireland and the UK.

Clio O’Gara, County Manager for Guestline Ireland, says:

“Together with Right Revenue, Guestline is taking away the guess work of working out a rate strategy and understanding the cost of sale by capturing live data and feeding this through to Right Revenue for analysis. When such integration doesn’t exist, hoteliers must manually source and update data which is time consuming and takes the focus away from forecasting and planning. Hotels need support when it comes to seasonal pricing, time of day pricing, premium and discount rates and packages, plus a daily override functionality cleverly enables hoteliers to respond immediately to both predicted and unpredicted fluctuations in guest demand.  A good revenue manager needs to understand how many people will be sitting in the bar, how many people are eating breakfast etc. and the impact this has on the business, staff rotas, stock etc. and this is quite difficult to achieve without live data or integration. Time saving and revenue growth are the big benefits.”

“We are delighted to announce our integration with Guestline which gives a holistic view of all the live data a revenue manager needs from the PMS and in turn saves at least 2 hours a day in manual report pulling. Such integration allows for data sharing, creating knowledge and leading to immediate decisions about pricing and revenue. Right Revenue receives live data from Guestline to identify business trends and key performance indicators. We run all hundreds of algorithms and along with forecasting, offer recommendations on rate changes and rate controls.  A hotel is always up to date on how their business is changing and receive the very best decisions they should make to make them more profitable. It is not only about room sales; it’s maximising everything else, understanding cost of sale and incremental spend and being aware that hotels must always drive the right rate. Existing Right Revenue clients are running on double digital growth and this is set to grow thanks to this integration. We do the smarts so you can do the strategy. We give hoteliers the intel needed to better the performance of their business and we couldn’t be happier to integrate with such a professional system as Guestline.  The whole integration process has been seamless and easy – just a great team to work with!” Says Adrienne Hanna, Founder & CEO, Right Revenue.

Providing the basis for identifying patterns and predicting future demand, such integration will track relevant data and will provide reports that matter. It enables users to change rate strategies up to 365 days in advance, control different channels i.e., Expedia etc and offer recommendations to change anything that has a risk of displacing other business. Additionally, the integration provides an insight into the hotel’s competitor rates and demand so that they can make informed decisions. For revenue managers, the Guestline and Right Revenue integration is set to take the laborious manual work off them. By pulling live reports, the technology can forecast trends, and provide profitable insights for revenue managers.

For more information on the integration, contact Guestline on [email protected] or visit or

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