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This Earth Day Patrón Tequila introduces Cocktails with a Conscience

Since its inception, Patrón has been committed to limiting the environmental impact of its tequila production – from field to cocktail. For Earth Day, 22nd April 2019, Patrón invites you to join the global movement, shining a light on the importance of sustainability in our industry.

This Earth Day, Patrón is proudly showcasing its sustainability credentials to consumers inspiring them to think consciously about the cocktails they love, in bars or at home.

Joining forces with The Conduit, a London members’ club with a social purpose, Patrón will be mixing creativity with sustainability. Patrón will host Cocktails with a Conscience on 24th April 2019. A sustainable cocktail masterclass will be followed by a paired three course menu with Patrón cocktails. The night will showcase the versatility of Patrón and the variety of cocktails that can be made with Patrón using otherwise discarded ingredients.

Patrón has partnered with some of the best bars in the world, in London and across Europe to showcase their sustainability practices. They have created an array of delicious cocktails with minimal impact, including in London: Cub, Scout and Eve.

Speaking of the collaboration, Ryan Chetiyawardana (Mr Lyan, CUB, Lyaness) said, “In a nod to World Earth Day, we’re uniting Patrón Añejo with some mad UK produce. This drink highlights the diversity of the soil and how that can massively impact flavour. Cub and Patrón both recognise that the right choices can make a huge difference. To put it simply, we can talk about recycling waste, but it’s equally as important to be shoring up local businesses and providing all the love for the families around you. We’re super pleased to be collab’ing with a company that has a commitment to preserve this incredible planet and are proactive in doing so.”

For those looking to enjoy a cocktail with a conscience at home this Earth Day, Patrón has created ‘Down to Earth’. Designed especially for Earth Day, Down to Earth showcases the ease with which a sustainable cocktail can be made at home using Patrón Tequila and ingredients from your kitchen that might otherwise go to waste.

Consumers are increasingly more mindful about the sustainability credentials of the brands that they buy from. Brands are being held accountable for the way they produce their products and the processes they use. With fashion brands pledging to become 100% circular or producing sustainable lines to the number of electric cars registered in the UK hitting a new record high in 20181. It is clear that sustainability is in the forefront of consumers’ minds and industries must cater to this.

“We are so proud to be bringing our sustainability credentials to the forefront of the conversation around environmental impact, this Earth Day and moving forward,” says Francisco Alcaraz, Master Distiller at Patrón Spirits International. “A consideration for the environmental impact that our tequila production can bring has always been a serious and pivotal factor in the way that we have done business since our inception. We have collaborated with some outstanding sustainable bars and restaurants to create both educational and inspirational evenings, that truly showcase the message that sustainability is and always has been at the heart of what we do.”


Patrón CSR Facts

As the category leader, Patrón believes that the company’s growth and commitment to the environment can and should go hand in hand. The company’s green initiatives to diminish the footprint of its tequila production go far beyond institutional requirements. The Mexican government has recognised Patrón as the industry leader in waste reduction.

Patrón’s dedication to doing business the right way encompasses both environmental and social matters, revolving around four key pillars:

  • Responsible farming

o Without a continual supply of agave, there wouldn’t be tequila, so Patrón proactively funds a study with a top agricultural research centre in Mexico to ensure the sustainability of the Weber Blue Agave plant for the entire industry.
o Patrón Tequila’s Weber Blue Agave plants are treated with extreme care thanks to the deep knowledge of the local family farmers who grow them with the support of Patrón agronomists. The agricultural process is extremely careful during the entire lifecycle to ensure plants are free of chemicals or fertilisers at the time of the harvest.
o Patrón commits to the eco-friendliest agricultural process, therefore the distillery composts 100% of its leftover agave fibres from distillation. This compost creates more than 5,500 tons of natural fertiliser a year for Hacienda Patrón’s vegetable garden which provides food for the 1,200 staff. The distillery also takes in used agave fibres for compost, free of charge, from 10 other neighbouring distilleries.

  • Water use and Co2 emissions

o The production process is where Patrón’s green initiatives become most evident. Thousands of gallons of stillage are produced during distillation so Patrón has developed a pioneering state-of-the-art water treatment system to reclaim clean water from the tequila production and process this by-product.
A reverse osmosis technology is used to recycle 70% of the stillage into clean water which is used to cool the condensers during distillation and to water the agave fields. The remaining 30% of the byproduct is combined with used agave fibres to create compost.
o The giant volcanic Tahona mills used to crush agave are pulled by zero emission electric motors.
o Patrón was the first tequila distillery to install a natural gas pipeline as its main energy source, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions and helps air quality.
o Patrón has also donated around 16,000 trees since 2015 in their hometown of Atotonilco el Alto, and carefully transplanted 3,000 lime trees to a nearby farm to make room for an upcoming expansion project.

  • Packaging

o Patrón Silver bottles are crafted from recycled glass and encased in simalarly recycled paper boxes. Those that are going to be delivered to on-premise outlets are not wrapped in tissue papers to reduce waste.

  • Community

o Patrón puts people at the heart of the company. This includes offering an after-hours education program and partnering with local universities to reduce costs for their colleagues interested in furthering their studies.
The company also offer flexible work hours and free employee transport to and from the distillery every day.
o In a pioneering effort for the industry, they commit to a minimum price paid to the agave growers to ensure their profitability, even during times of excess supply.
o Patrón supports a variety of philanthropic and charitable organisations in Jalisco and across the world. From supporting a local food bank that offers essential supplies to over 1,000 families, to working with two orphanages, and funding many other charitable organisations globally, Patrón’s dedication to charitable causes is a core corporate value.

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