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Take a different kind of pledge with WE ALL BELONG

Take a different kind of pledge with WE ALL BELONG

From left are Sarah Simpson, Blackbird, Rachel Eastwood, Guildhall Taphouse, Robin Young, Foyle Racial Equality Forum, Ann Harley, Sandinos and Mayor, Councillor John Boyle.

Take a different kind of pledge with WE ALL BELONG

Sarah Simpson, Blackbird, Foyle Street and Rachel Eastwood, Guildhall Taphouse pictured on Monday.

Patrons of the bars and pubs across the Derry City & Strabane District Council area will have the chance to the put their name to pledge to tackle discrimination this month by signing the WE ALL BELONG pledge. The pledge, which was launch in December 2018, and has been signed by public representatives and community groups across the council area, will now appear on beermats which will be distributed across pubs and bars this St Patrick’s Day Weekend. The cleverly designed beermat was launch today at the GuildHall Taphouse in Derry, with a number of local bar owners supporting this new initiative including Rachael Eastwood owner of Guildhall Taphouse, Ann Harley manager of Sandinos and Sarah Simpson owner of Blackbird.

The pledge commits to tackling prejudice, racism, discrimination and all forms of hatred, and has already been signed by local politicians from all main parties, community groups, as well disability rights groups, LGBT groups and the PSNI. Now many more people will have the chance to add their name to the pledge while socialising in the city by simply signing their beer mat. The pledge reads: “I pledge to oppose discrimination in all its forms against all people regardless of back-ground, identity or belief. I will challenge hate in all its forms as I believe every person and organisation can make a difference, I recognise that diversity and difference enriches us all. I pledge to promote equality for everyone in our City and District.” The campaign is funded through the SEUPB PEACE IV initiative campaign.

Speaking at the launch of the beer mat, Rachael Eastwood, owner of the Guildhall Taphouse said: “I am delighted to support this initiative which gives the people of Derry City & Strabane District the chance to show their commitment to opposing discrimination. I know all of us here today will be proudly displaying these beermats in our pubs and bars to show that there is no place in our city and towns for racism or prejudice.”

Robin Young from the WE ALL BELONG campaign added: “The WE ALL BELONG campaign hope that everyone is able enjoy themselves and drink responsibly, but with the pledge they will find on their beer mat we hope they will also think responsibly about discrimination.

“Derry City & Strabane is a welcoming and open place, where everyone is welcome, no matter what their background or beliefs may be. The WE ALL BELONG campaign is making sure that each and every one of our citizens can get behind the pledge to tackling prejudice, racism, discrimination and all forms of hatred. So when you’re out and about in local bars take a moment to have a look at your beer mat and let everyone know that you support WE ALL BELONG,” he added.

The WE ALL BELONG beer mats will be in pubs and bars across the city, and more information on the campaign can to contact the campaign on [email protected].

The WE ALL BELONG campaign is funded through the SEUPB’s PEACE IV initiative and is dedicated to tackling prejudice and hate crime in all its forms. This includes racist, homophobic, religious, sectarian, transgender and disability hate crime. The PEACE IV Programme is supported by the European Union, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB). Match-funding has been provided by the Executive Office in Northern Ireland and the Department of Rural and Community Development in Ireland.

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