Cocktail of the Month

Cocktail of the Month with Bushmills Irish Whiskey

In the latest of a regular series, we ask local bartenders to showcase signature serves featuring the superb premium spirits brands presented by Proximo. Chris Wilson, bartender at The StillHouse Moira creates a cocktail featuring Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

Cocktail of the Month with Bushmills Irish Whiskey

Chris Wilson, bartender at The StillHouse Moira.

Cocktail of the Month with Bushmills Irish Whiskey

Paddy's Thyme cocktail

About the bartender
Chris joined The Plough in Hillsborough as a glass collector when he turned 16. “Even though I couldn’t serve cocktails, I was always intensely keen to learn and the older lads like Andrew Carson and Josh McKay took me under their wing and showed great faith in me,” he says. “They allowed me to do much more than just glasses. I did all the behind-the-scenes work like making syrups and infusions, which meant that when I was able to make cocktails, I was confident with some of the aspects people might find challenging like making acquafaba and things like that.” And after three years at The Plough, Chris joined The StillHouse in summer 2018, and is enjoying it immensely. “I still love the science behind the cocktails, and we have the facilities here to make our own gin, vodka, liqueurs and even bitters. I love how intricate and complex the cocktails are and, if I want my drink to taste a certain way, I can go as far back as what botanicals I put in the gin.” Chris also enjoys the mystery and challenge of who will come through the door next, and what they might want. “It means I have to keep myself well prepared for all aspects of the drinks menu, or even food if I’m doing simple food service and the teamwork is great,” he says. “I love that the kitchen can help with the drinks menu too. There isn’t anyone you can’t learn from.”

Bushmills Irish Whiskey
Bushmills is a smooth and versatile triple distilled blend. An approachable whiskey which has been matured in both bourbon and sherry casks resulting in fresh fruit and vanilla notes.

Paddy’s Thyme
50ml Bushmills Irish Whiskey
35ml Pressed apple
20ml Fresh lemon juice
15ml Simple syrup
Fresh thyme
Lemon acquafaba

Shake the top ingredients with ice
Double strain into a chilled coupe
Layer the acquafaba on top
(Acquafaba: chickpea brine, cream of tartare & fresh lemon juice, shaken hard)

“For St Patrick’s Day, it’s based around a good proper Irish whiskey,” says Chris. “A lot of whiskey drinks can be quite heavy and something people shy away from, so this allows people who aren’t the most experienced whiskey drinkers to try it. And using acquafaba instead of egg whites opens the door to people who are vegan, allergic to eggs or just don’t want eggs in their drink.”

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