Cocktail of the Month

Cocktail of the Month with The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey

In the latest of a regular series, we ask local bartenders to showcase signature serves featuring the superb premium spirits brands presented by Proximo. Jonny Fleming, supervisor at The Merchant Cocktail Bar, Belfast creates a cocktail featuring The Sexton Irish Whiskey.

Jonny Fleming, supervisor at The Merchant Cocktail Bar, Belfast.

About the bartender
Jonny is a prized rarity in the hospitality industry, kicking off his career aged 16 in The Merchant Hotel back in 2011 and staying there ever since. He has still managed to find variety within the five-star Belfast establishment, however, working across Berts Jazz Bar, The Cloth Ear, Ollie’s and private events. “And two months ago, I was promoted to supervisor in The Cocktail Bar,” says Johnny. “What I like about the job is the creativity and being able to explore drinks and trends in the market. Our clientele is from all around the world, and it’s great to have discussions with them about where they’re from, their backgrounds, the drinks they like to drink and to give good recommendations. And I myself like to travel to other places, meet other people and find out if they have a national drink or national food; it’s all part of the fun.

The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey
The featured spirit in this month’s signature serve is The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey. Made from 100% Irish malted barley, triple distilled for smoothness in copper pot stills and aged exclusively in Oloroso sherry butts, The Sexton is a new and unexpected single malt, perfect for mixing or sipping. To be a Sexton is a spiritual trade and whiskey is their favourite spirit.

The Sexton’s Chalice
35ml The Sexton Irish Whiskey
25ml Cream
10ml Dark Cacao
5ml Sherry
5ml Simple syrup

Stir on ice in a mixing glass
Single julep strain over one large ice cube in a 7oz coupe
Garnish with grated nutmeg

“It’s a very festive style of drink, and nice for this time of year,” says Johnny. “I like the warmer spirits like whiskeys and cognacs, and the Brandy Alexander is one of my favourite styles of drink, so I decided to twist that and change the ingredients to turn it into its own style of drink.”

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