Odyssey NOW a JAM Card friendly site

Pictured (L-R) is Richard Peat, W5, Adam Cowdrey, JAM Card user, Blair Riley, Stena Line Belfast Giants and Lisa McAnally, SSE Arena, Belfast.

The Odyssey Trust has demonstrated its commitment to customers by signing up to become a JAM Card friendly site. Over 150 staff from W5, Stena Line Belfast Giants and SSE Arena, Belfast have been equipped to provide excellent customer service to people with learning difficulties and communication barriers.

The JAM Card, which stands for Just A Minute, is a social innovation from NOW Group, an organisation that supports people with learning difficulties and autism into employment. It was their service users who said they would like a discreet way of telling people that sometimes they need a little extra time and patience. The JAM Card was created first as a credit card sized card and has recently been developed into an app for smartphones.

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