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Bushmills Irish Whiskey brings local guitar masters to The Sunflower Bar for the next event in the #AnswerTheCall series

‘Whiskey and Strings’ set to strike a chord with music mavens and whiskey enthusiasts

Bushmills Irish Whiskey brings local guitar masters to The Sunflower Bar for the next event in the #AnswerTheCall series

Paul McMordie

Bushmills Irish Whiskey brings local guitar masters to The Sunflower Bar for the next event in the #AnswerTheCall series

Lowden Guitars

Bushmills® Irish Whiskey has collaborated with two local guitar legends to bring the next event in the #AnswerTheCall series to life. Guitar-maker George Lowden of Lowden Guitars who has been at the forefront of his craft for 40 years will join guitar instructor Paul McMordie for ‘Whiskey and Strings’ at The Sunflower Bar, Belfast on 25 July 2017.

The #AnswerTheCall series arrived in March and celebrates the fearless, spirited and unique journeys of local talent through exciting and immersive events and POS in licensed premises across Northern Ireland. Event attendees have the opportunity be the first to sample the brand’s newest serve, the Black and White – a long serve of Black Bush®, white lemonade and a wedge of orange. The series aims to inspire others to discover and answer their own individual calling. The Old Bushmills Distillery has been crafting whiskey for over 400 years, and is one of the first distilleries in the world to make both single malt and blended Irish whiskey. It is this innovation and fearlessness that the #AnswerTheCall series heralds.

The intimate ‘Whiskey and Strings’ event at The Sunflower Bar will offer attendees the opportunity to hear about each man’s passion for guitar and how a spirit of determination and defiance led them to legendary status both locally and internationally. The event will invite guests to learn how to get the best out of their own guitar from the hosts. To add the event’s charm, intimate sets from surprise musical guests will entertain through to the late hours. The event is limited to 50 spaces. Those who wish to attend are invited to register at answerthecall.co.uk where tickets will be allocated via a ballot.

From the very first time he heard Jimi Hendrix as a kid, Paul knew he would grow up to do something different to his school friends. Despite his mum’s wishes for him to go to work in the yard, as was the tradition in Belfast at the time, Paul knew his path would take him in a different direction.

Now a lauded guitarist and teacher, Paul takes his inspiration from experimental, left-field players such as Ralph Towner and Pat Metheny. Paul’s carefully refined methods and style have been ringing in the ears of the world’s best known musicians with past pupils including Nathan Connolly from Snow Patrol and Paul Mahon of The Answer. In fact, it’s fair to say that Paul’s skills and unrelenting passion for music have put the local guitar scene firmly on the music map.

Amongst Paul’s passion projects is the Belfast Guitar Festival, an annual event showcasing the skills of home-grown talent and providing them with a platform to exhibit their skills and teach their international peers a strum or two about how things are done here. Paul established the Festival to encourage a culture of ‘doing things right’ within the local music scene and cementing fraternity and friendship in the Northern Ireland music scene so that the shared bond of music is always the focus.

George Lowden made his very first guitar aged ten with just a fishing line and some nails, but little did he know then that his instruments would today be the most coveted in the world.

George started supplying guitars to the most iconic musicians in the world in 1974 and today the likes of Ed Sheeran, Eric Clapton and Gary Lightbody consider George a musical genius and the Lowden guitar a best mate. Now, he has gone back to his local roots and collaborated with Bushmills Irish Whiskey to create the limited edition ‘Bushmills x Lowden’ F-50 guitar, of which only five are available to buy.

Working with only the best quality woods to craft his famous guitars, George pours his passion for music into every commission and shares this sought-after skill-set with his sons to keep the Lowden legacy alive.

Now, both men will come together to share their passion with local music enthusiasts at ‘Whiskey and Strings’ on 25 July 2017. For tickets to attend this unique #AnswerTheCall event, visit the events section at answerthecall.co.uk
Some of the other venues that have collaborated with Bushmills Irish Whiskey to host and curate #AnswerTheCall events include: Love and Death Inc., The Filthy Quarter and The Black Box.
To read the stories of local talent and to keep up to date with the #AnswerTheCall series, visit www.answerthecall.co.uk. To join in the conversation, follow Bushmills on social media @BushmillsUK.

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