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Sullivan’s Brewing Company celebrates top international accolade for its Maltings Red Ale

Sullivan’s Brewing Company, based in Kilkenny, proudly lifted the global Champion Keg Ale trophy for its Maltings Red Ale at the International Brewing Awards 2017. The longest running competition of its kind (known as ‘the Oscars of the brewing industry’)

It’s official! Sullivan’s Brewing Company, based in Kilkenny, is brewing the best ale on the planet, according to the International Brewing Awards 2017/18 – known as “the Oscars of the Beer World”.  Beer awards simply don’t come any greater.

Maltings Ale by Sullivan’s took home the top prize in the competition that hosted over 1200 beers from 50 countries to win a World Champion Keg trophy. It is the first ever win of it’s kind for an Irish Brewery in the 131 year history of the competition. The Burton-on-Trent contest, which is hosted every two years and has been running since 1886, is rigorously judged by a panel of 45 top Master Brewers from around the globe.  It focuses on searching out the best of the best based on brew balance and commerciality i.e. will it appeal to today’s discerning beer drinkers.  This Sullivan’s win puts the brewery in the esteemed company of past winners such as Sierra Nevada, Boston Beer Co., Young’s, Sheppard Neame and other world class breweries.

The master brewer at Sullivan’s is none other than Ian Hamilton, the creator of Maltings Red Ale, a refreshingly balanced, ruby-tinted classic Irish Ale with distinctive biscuit and caramel notes. Ian has over 30 years of global master brewing experience under his belt with world class brands such as Guinness, Smithwicks and Budweiser.

Says Ian: “I’m very honoured to have won such a prestigious award for this brew from a world class peer group of over 45 other Master Brewers who were on this international judging panel.”

“I spent time early in my brewing career in Burton-on-Trent, the international home of ale brewing, so to have my beer judged there  by some of the best brewers in the world and be awarded a trophy,  is about as good as it gets – especially as it comes only a year after Sullivan’s started brewing.”

To win an overall “best in the world” trophy the full judging panel must taste the beer 3 times and agree the winner in a clear majority.  The panel also takes into account how drinkable the beer is in the current market among discerning beer drinkers, carefully considering its commercial potential and worth.

Traditionally brewed, with only Kilkenny-grown ale malt, Maltings Red Ale gets its great taste from three special darker malts and three varieties of hop. Fermented and matured with cask ale yeast, coupled with our no-rush brewing approach, produces smooth balanced classic ale.  A world-class ale no less.

A true artisan, Hamilton says: “The beer we craft is inspired by traditional Kilkenny recipes and brewed the way the family has always brewed – the way real Irish beer should be brewed –  by a dedicated Brewer, in small batches, with enormous heart and the finest locally sourced ingredients.”

Ian Hamilton is one of just a handful of accredited master brewers currently at work in the Irish Brewing sector.  His experience over 30 years spans several continents where he has brewed all styles of quality beer imaginable.

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