Pocket map celebrates rise of Belfast coffee culture

Pocket map celebrates rise of Belfast coffee culture

Map illustrator David McMillan; Belfast Coffee Map founder Gareth Patterson; and Mel Caroll, director of map designers UsFolk.

Pocket map celebrates rise of Belfast coffee culture

Belfast Coffee Map

A new pocket map showcasing the wealth of speciality coffee establishments in Belfast was launched at recently at the Naughton Gallery at Queen’s University, Belfast. Belfast Coffee Map, which features 17 speciality coffee establishments across the city, will act as a guide for visitors and locals in search of Belfast’s best coffee.

The map was created and launched by Belfast man Gareth Patterson who, when travelling, encountered similar publications in a number of European cities. He said: “Like any coffee enthusiast, one of the first things I do when visiting any city is seek out the best spots for a high-quality coffee.

“So many cities around the world celebrate their thriving coffee culture through a bespoke coffee map, directing both tourists and locals to the best coffee establishments on offer. Despite coffee culture having really taken off in Belfast in recent years and the city now having so many fantastic coffee establishments, however, there was no official pocket map highlighting the best in Belfast.

“Belfast has seen a surge in visitor numbers in recent years and food tourism is one of the drivers of that growth. Our region is renowned for the outstanding quality of our food and drink, and our burgeoning coffee culture has a significant part to play in that.”

Having approached a number of establishments with what was just a concept, Mr Patterson said he was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and support for the project. “This pocket map has really come together thanks to the passion of the owners and vendors listed, and the talent of local creative such as Us Folk, whose illustrations really bring it to life.”

Belfast Coffee Map will be sold in all 17 featured establishments, as well as Visit Belfast and a number of independent retailers across the city.

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