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Jägermeister crafts
 a brand new look

Jägermeister, the UK’s number one speciality spirit, is unveiling a new look, modern bottle – the brand’s most significant change since it was created by Curt Mast.

In addition to the new bottle shape, the iconic label has been updated with new artwork, designed to reflect the heritage and quality of the unique herbal spirit, which was crafted by the Mast family over 80 years ago and remains a family owned business today.

The re-design is part of Jägermeister’s wider emphasis on educating consumers on the craft and process behind the spirit and will be supported in the UK by a £10m marketing spend.

The new Jägermeister bottle will launch first in Northern Ireland, exclusively through James E. McCabe Ltd., and then continue its global roll out until 2017.

The new bottle’s re-designed label features a more life-like stag, which is now back in its ‘natural woodland habitat’, with a graduated green background and forest imagery to reflect the brand story. Other enhancements include new wording to emphasise the craft and mystery behind the spirit and the addition of a bold 56; the number of botanicals used in the production of Jägermeister – which remains the same since the spirit was first created.

The stylish elongated and angular shaped bottle also includes a quality enhanced cap, which now proudly displays the founder, Curt Mast’s, signature and a ‘since 1878’ tag. These additions underline the long-standing history of the family-owned brand and highlight the importance of staying true to the same Jägermeister ethos developed by the Mast family.

The distinctive green bottle was chosen by Curt Mast when he created Jägermeister and to find the perfect bottle he put a number of different models through a breakage test until he found the perfect shape. In keeping with the tradition and staying true to the Mast family’s ideals, the new bottle matches these criteria and although the bottle design is changing, the distinctive liquid inside remains the same.

Nicole Goodwin, Marketing Director at Mast-Jaegermeister UK, comments: “Whilst our recipe hasn’t changed in over 80 years, Jägermeister’s usage has and, so in turn, has our brand positioning. This evolution of the bottle now better reflects what Jägermeister is; a family owned, premium, well-crafted spirit with years of history.

“This move marks a milestone for Jägermeister as we continue to engage with an audience who appreciate quality brands with provenance. The new bottle will enhance the work we’re doing with the trade to better communicate Jägermeister’s story, and importantly, drive further awareness of its versatility. The bottle may be changing, but the unique flavours behind the spirit will remain the same, ensuring consumers experience the same quality Jägermeister since Curt’s creation in more than 80 years ago.”

Commenting on the new bottle launch, James E. McCabe Sales Manager, Michael Millar said: “We’re delighted to be amongst the first regions in the UK to launch the new Jägermeister bottle.  Northern Ireland is a very strong market for the Jägermeister brand and this new pack change is a fantastic reflection of the Brand’s versatile and premium credentials.


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