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Fit food revolution for Fratelli

Shrink founder Estelle Wallace

Shrink founder Estelle Wallace

One of Northern Ireland’s favourite restaurants is teaming up with fitness and nutrition programme Shrink to bring a new revolution to eating out for diners here. Fratelli, which has restaurants in Belfast and Ballymena, is expanding the menu of mouth-watering dishes to include meals devised by Shrink founder Estelle Wallace, and is aimed at health-conscious restaurant goers who still want to enjoy their food, but don’t want to overload on calories.

The new guilt-free additions to the Fratelli menu include pizzas with a cauliflower base and a wide range of toppings, and instead of pasta, diners can enjoy spiralled vegetables with a choice of slow braised beef, Bolognese or fiery chilli prawns with tomato.

Dessert is still on the menu too, and Ballymena-based mum of one Estelle – who has been providing expert fitness and nutritional advice for 15 years – says it’s all about making the right choices.

“When I was 15 I made the decision to clean up my eating, but looking back I now realise that low fat diet products are far from healthy, instead they are laden with sugar and artificial sweeteners.

“I’ve studied considerably over the years, finding enormous health and wellbeing benefits in natural, clean and unprocessed foods which include unrefined carbohydrates, complete proteins and fresh vegetables and fruit.

“The Shrink plan was developed to create an eating plan that promoted health on the inside, contributed to wellness, while also resulting in weight loss and an improved functionality of the human body.

”The diners are in for a treat as this new menu is amazing and caters for a host of taste buds, while complementing the existing and fantastic food on offer at Fratelli! Steaks, chicken, pizza, pasta made with julienned veg and cute tangy desserts are all designed to expand the taste buds but not the waist line.”

One of Estelle’s clients recently lost 10 stone following the plan, and Estelle says re-educating people about what constitutes a “diet” food is essential in developing a healthy approach to eating

“I’m really excited to be working with Fratelli and giving their guests the option to eat healthy whilst socialising, and they have done an outstanding job on the menu, it’s fresh, nutritious and delicious.”

The SHRINK partnership, which launched this week (25th February) is the latest venture for Fratelli and will feature on both the main menu and that of the hugely popular Ladies’ Night events at the restaurants which offer a main course and a glass of wine for only £12.

Restaurant Manager Michael Johnston says the new additions to the menu offer the tastes that Fratelli is famous for, with a modern twist.

“Our traditional Italian food has proved a huge hit with diners since we opened, and these new dishes which Estelle has helped create look set to become firm favourites on our already extensive menu. We aim to cater for all tastes, and are delighted that Estelle and the SHRINK ethos are now part of the Fratelli experience.”

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