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Forbidden Flavours Taste Sweeter from Magners #ForbiddenFlavours


Magners Original Irish Cider, Northern Ireland’s Number 1 cider brand*, this month launches Magners Forbidden Flavours: two new, refreshing and natural ciders, using Magners’ famous seventeen varieties of apples but packing the extra bite of real fruit fusion.

The new flavour additions to the Magners’ range are Strawberry & Lime and Cloudy Lemon, each crafted to bring innovation and excitement to the flavoured cider segment, which continues to enjoy year-on-year growth.

Interest in the much-heralded arrival in the local marketplace of Magners Forbidden Flavours will be heightened by this year’s Not a Moment Too Soon campaign, which reinforces of the quintessential ingredients in the Magners production process in Clonmel, County Tipperary: time.

Cider Brand Manager for Tennent’s NI, Eimhear Daly, says; “Timing is everything and we feel the moment is right to shake up the flavoured cider sector with products which have real standout, even in a crowded marketplace. Magners Forbidden Flavours is all about delivering a totally new cider taste experience the natural way, with the edgy attitude that you’d expect from Magners.

“Magners Forbidden Flavours are an exciting addition to our range, tapping into what we predict will be sustained growth for sweeter flavoured ciders while staying true to our authentic Magners ethos. Like all Magners products, Forbidden Flavours will deliver perfect ‘first pint refreshment’, with Cloudy Lemon having the same 4.5% ABV as Original, while Strawberry & Lime is 4%.

“As you would expect from the company which, famously reinvented cider for the modern market place, our cider maker has created two fabulous and highly distinctive tastes, with more exciting flavours to be launched soon after. Strawberry & Lime combines the sweet juiciness of ripe strawberries with a super-refreshing twist of tangy lime fused with Magners to give a cider packed with fruity notes, while the first to market Cloudy Lemon, delivers a fresh zesty twist, blending natural lemon and citrus flavour with Magners Original.

“Backed with the strength and heritage of the Magners brand, we see Magners Forbidden Flavours as a must-stock for savvy retailers who, like us, recognise the opportunity for Magners to make this growing segment its own.”

Magners Forbidden Flavours are available now in 500ml bottles in leading pubs, clubs and off licences.
Magners Cider ForbiddenFlavours

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