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Guinness Amplify to take place in Aether & Echo, Belfast


Showcase “the ones to watch” in Irish music





Aether & Echo, Belfast – Friday, 27th February.

Following months of live performances, studio recording, rehearsal time and workshops, 22 bands have been chosen by an expert music panel to perform at the Guinness Amplify Live Stages. The Belfast show place will take place in Aether & Echo in Belfast, featuring a stellar line-up including Cult Called Man, Wild Promises, Garr Cleary & The Academic.

Throughout their journey, the 22 bands selected to perform at the Guinness Amplify Live Stages across Ireland have shown the tenacity and creative bravery to develop their careers and further their craft.   The shows, produced in association with First Music Contact, will provide the selected acts with the perfect platform to showcase their talents and bring their music to a larger audience.

Expert panellist Jonny Quinn of Snow Patrol spoke of his involvement with Guinness Amplify: ‘I’ve really enjoyed being involved in Guinness Amplify over the last few months. The idea that many bands can benefit from recording time and advice from industry professionals is something I’m all for. Having listened to over 800 songs I’m really impressed with the quality and output of the unsigned artists. I’ve met with artists and bands in the studio and their talent bodes well for the future of Irish music!’

Speaking about the Guinness Amplify Live Stages shows, Lisa Fitzsimons, Guinness Marketing Manager said; ‘Guinness Amplify has been an incredible journey, not just for the bands involved, but for everybody who has taken part and helped to make it so special, from our expert music panel, to the publicans around the country who welcomed the acts into their establishments. The level of involvement and commitment shown by all who took part in Guinness Amplify has been inspirational.’

She continued: ‘The bands chosen by the expert music panel to perform at Guinness Amplify Live Stages have all embraced the experience, and have worked incredibly hard through all stages from the initial Guinness Amplify Live gigs, taking part in the workshops right through to the studio sessions. Their talent is undeniable, and we are delighted to provide them with a platform for their music to reach a wider audience.’

The Guinness Amplify Live Stages shows will take place in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway on Thursday, 26th February, and in Belfast on Friday, 27thFebruary, and admission is free*.

Guinness Amplify has turned up the volume for emerging musicians in Ireland by supporting them as they unlock their full potential. Over 800 talented musicians, from an impressive mix of genres, have uploaded their music to

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