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Tennent’s NI has unveiled the latest addition to its product portfolio: an all-new lager brewed in Clonmel by the people who brought us Magners Irish Cider.

Named in honour of Magners’ hometown, Clonmel 1650 is a fresh new Pilsner-style lager, specially developed for the modern consumer.  At 4.3% ABV, this no-nonsense lager is well-balanced and medium-bodied and delivers the key attributes expected from a Pilsner, but with a  particularly memorable taste which hovers between ‘slightly fruity’, ‘estery’ and ‘subtly hoppy’.

And that uniquely characterful taste is what’s set to make this latest launch a best seller, according to Sarah Shimmons, Beer Marketing Manager for Tennent’s NI.  Launching the new product to the great and the good of Northern Ireland’s hospitality industry at an informal reception at The Dirty Onion in Belfast, she said, “This is the latest in an impressive line up of well-considered innovation from Tennent’s NI and we believe that Clonmel 1650 has the capacity to make a huge impact in the sector.  It comes with an exceptional pedigree and offers lager consumers a unique taste of local heritage.

The new product has all the quality and taste attributes which would be expected from the people credited with the reinvigoration of the cider market with Magners.  This is the perfect time for the much-anticipated launch of Clonmel 1650 and the response from the trade and consumers has already been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.”

Sarah says, “We know we have a fabulous new product on offer and it’s one we’re really getting behind with the a full complement of support activity spanning outdoor and digital advertising, bar staff incentives, sampling and rate of sale promotions.  Clonmel 1650 will be served in a distinctively branded, nucleated glass that stands tall and proud and is designed to keep the contents looking and tasting good right down to that last golden drop!”

Clonmel 1650 was launched with barbeque, music and an early taste of the sociability which the product inspires.  The event provided the perfect opportunity to introduce members of the licensed trade to the qualities and origins of a product that is set to become a familiar sight (and taste) in pubs and clubs as it starts its roll out across Northern Ireland.


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