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Calls for the hospitality sector to be given financial support to install renewable energy systems.

The Energy Advice Line has joined calls for hotels, B&Bs and other organisations in the hospitality sector to be given financial support to install renewable energy systems.

Julian Morgan, managing director of the price comparison, switching and advice service for energy consumers, said that organisations could save money and benefit the community as a whole by generating some of their own electricity.

MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Committee have recommended that businesses, hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, and catering comapnies should be funded to install medium-sized renewable energy generating systems.

The Committee’s report suggested such systems could include solar arrays, wind turbines and district heating systems that had the potential to benefit the whole community as well as reduce the energy bills for individual organisations.

“The committee has quite rightly pointed out that the government supports households by way of the Feed-in Tariff, while large-scale projects like wind farms will be backed through other programmes,” Mr Morgan said.

“But support for medium-sized energy projects suitable for businesses seems to have fallen through the net. Funding support could help businesses and other organisations jump through the costly financial hoops required to get these kinds of green energy systems in place.”

The report identifies that lack of funding is just one obstacle preventing medium-sized energy projects getting off the ground. Power Purchase Agreements, connecting to the national grid, overcoming public opposition and obtaining planning permission also proved difficult.

“We fully support the committee’s call for the government to put in place a comprehensive package of measures to support medium-sized renewable energy projects,” Mr Morgan said.

“This won’t resolve the UK’s energy crisis, but there’s no doubt that with the right support, medium-sized projects could make a significant impact on capacity, reduce carbon emissions and reduce the energy bills for businesses and other organisations that participate. “

Mr Morgan said that in the interim, business electricity and gas users could save money by switching suppliers and implementing a workplace energy policy to ensure no energy was wasted.

“There are many things that businesses can do to keep their energy costs down without installing renewable energy systems. The easiest and cheapest still seeking out the best energy deals and switching suppliers. It costs nothing and the savings can be substantial.”

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