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Impact of G8 on Killyhevlin Hotel

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Following on from the G8 Summit in Co. Fermanagh, the Killyhevlin Hotel’s General Manager David Morrison reveals the impact it had on the hotel and region.

1.  Did the G8 have any impact on the Killyhevlin?

The G8 was a fantastic opportunity for the hotel.  It was an excellent opening for Killyhevlin Hotel and the rest of the province to sell itself to the world. The exposure given from the summit is priceless, and we look forward to reaping the rewards.

2.  The G8 shone an international spotlight on Co. Fermanagh, how do you feel the region can benefit from the exposure?

The exposure given by the G8 summit should have numerous impacts on business potential for the region as a whole. I feel that it has portrayed a ‘peaceful’ image of Northern Ireland, which would not have been there previously. In light of the success of the event, I would be very confident that it has certainly put Fermanagh on the map to Event Companies based on the mainland, and the potential spin off of this should be extremely promising, and highly beneficial.

3.  The Killyhevlin was the international media centre during the G8 Summit, what preparations were put in place to ensure a smooth operation?

Successful planning of the media centre resulted in numerous show arounds of the premises to all relevant parties.  This process continued from January 2013 right up to the event.  Catering arrangements took considerable organisation to ensure that we were portraying a typical Northern Ireland experience, served with professionalism and great hospitality.  This indeed paid off, as all feedback was extremely positive.

4. Since the summit ended, have you had a rise in enquires from international visitors, more so than normal?

The level of website traffic and enquiries from the international markets have certainly increased. In preparation for the G8 Summit we optimised our website further to ensure that internet users across the globe were able to easily find us for “G8 Summit” and “Fermanagh” related search terms. We will continue to monitor the profile of all our guests moving forward and have every confidence that over the coming months and year we will see a shift in the level of foreign guests staying at the hotel.  With the amount of coverage and publicity that Fermanagh has received over the past weeks it can only be a good thing for the Fermanagh Lakelands brand.

5.  What are the main challenges facing hoteliers at present?

The main challenges facing hoteliers at present is to continue to provide a quality product and service to our customers, whilst continuing to absorb the ever rising costs of raw materials, energy etc.

6.  How can the hospitality industry rise to these challenges?

The industry can rise to the challenge by always maintaining the highest possible standards. With regard to costs, this requires greater negotiations, introduction of methods to ensure greater efficiencies and implementation of cost control programmes, whilst not reducing standards to the customer.

7. What are the key areas for growth?

The key areas of growth for the Killyhevlin Hotel are Midweek Breaks, Midweek Weddings, and Residential Conferences.

These are markets that whilst busy, can benefit from further marketing and development.  With regard to publicity, I would be very confident that the exposure gained as part of the G8 Summit would certainly help boost business in all of the above areas.






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