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Coors Light takes cold beer to a new level!


LOVERS of cold beer will undoubtedly know that Northern Ireland’s best-selling bottled beer Coors Light has a unique and innovative bottle that turns blue when it is perfectly chilled and ready to drink.

Now the Coors Light team has made the perfect beer bottle even better by adding a second level of cold to its bottles and cans which they have cleverly called ‘Damme Cold’, after iconic action film star Jean Claude Van Damme who is the star of their popular advertising campaigns.

Using what’s called ‘thermochromic ink’, the famous Rocky Mountains featured on the label of the Coors Light bottles and cans turns blue when the bottle reaches a chilled temperature but now a second ‘ice cold indicator’ has been added for those who like their beer ‘Damme Cold’.

To launch this latest innovation in beer technology Coors Light’s ‘Damme Coldfest’ promotional campaign has been visiting venues across Northern Ireland giving pub goers the chance to sample the ice cold refreshment taste of Coors Light and win prizes by unleashing their inner Jean Claude Van Damme.

“Consumers want cold beer and they want to know when it’s cold enough to drink,” explained Coors Light Senior Brand Execution Manager Jordana Busby, “but now we’re taking cold beer to another level!

“Previously, we had one coldness indicator but now there are two thermochromic ink strips on all of our bottles and cans which tell consumers not just when their beer is ‘Cold’ but also when it’s ‘Damme Cold’.

“This year, Jean Claude Van Damme will continue in his quest to get ‘Closest to Cold’ which we will support with TV and outdoor advertising, social media and various on and off trade marketing initiatives, such as ‘Damme Coldfest’.  We believe that all of this makes Coors Light Northern Ireland’s must-stock beer brand of 2013.

“Our continued investment in this innovative technology and continuing engagement illustrates Coors Light’s commitment to ensuring that our customers enjoy a refreshing experience, in a way that no other beer can,” concluded Jordana.

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