In the Hot Seat

Mark Austin, Robert Roberts



Robert Roberts Northern Ireland


Job Title:

Business Manager Food Service


How long here?

Three years in May


What’s in a day?

Changes every day. Developing the Robert Roberts Coffee and Tea business in Northern Ireland, so this can vary from being out selling to customers to in the office doing administration and managing enquiries with the engineering team.


What was your first job? 

During university doing promotions in bars for drinks companies. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to go out and socialise in bars.


In another life?

Sporting professional. Making a living from a sport you love must be amazing.  I wouldn’t care football, rugby, tennis any sport.




Biking Mountain or road type and I still play football (badly). I love skiing but unfortunately here in Northern Ireland we can’t jump out at the weekend to do it.



Chilling with the family and socialising with friends


Last time at the cinema?

The Hobbit at Christmas


What’s the last event you went to? 

Ireland v Argentina at the Aviva Stadium Dublin. Going down on the train to Ireland Rugby matches is always a great experience



About work?

Every day is different and is challenging


Where in the world?

Anywhere new, I love travelling.  I’m addicted after backpacking around the world for over a year.


The love of your life?

Have to say the wife Deena (or else I would be in trouble). Also three wonderful children, well they are most of the time.


One night wonder? 

Would love to go to a Champions League final and Liverpool wins.  I missed the last one in Istanbul 2005.



About work? 

Times are difficult for businesses and it’s hard seeing people out in the trade struggling, trying their best.


In a person?

People who don’t get back to you when you call them


Household chore?

All of it!!


Go away!? 

Long dark winters – can’t wait for spring to be outdoors more.



I love… Height, over 6 feet tall

I hate… Always fighting my weight


Favourite food?

Noodles, especially Japanese food


Elbow bender? 

Not a big gym fan




Radiohead Sigur Ros


Book, film or play? 

Film – action movies my favourite genre


Star sign? 



Inspiration in life?

Family and Friends



Cats or Dogs: Cats

Bach or Beatles: Beatles

Bottle or Draught: Bottle

PC or MAC:  Mac

Football or Rugby: Football

Sun or Snow: Snow

Cottage or Castle: Castle

City Life or Country Time: City

Blonde or Brunette: Brunette

Whiskey or Gin: Whiskey

David Beckham or David Cameron: David Beckham

The Sun or the Telegraph: Telegraph

Radio One or Radio Four: Radio One

Man’s Man or Metrosexual: Man’s Man

Starter or Pud: Starter

Beach Bum or Culture Vulture: Beach Bum

Royal Portrush or Down Royal: Royal Portrush

Autobiography or Novel: Novel

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